Time to Start Planting Your Spring Garden

Time to Start Planting Your Spring Garden

As the sun emerges and cool weather fades, Houstonians begin to turn attention toward our yards. It’s time to finally pull all of those weeds, clean up our shrubs, and put down fertilizer and new mulch. It’s also time to brush the cobwebs off of the lawnmower, or better yet, put in a call to the yard guys to come and resume their weekly visit.

And for those who really find it rewarding and relaxing, it’s time to start planting your spring garden.

There is nothing better than walking out to the back yard and picking a fresh tomato or cucumber for your salad, or a fresh jalapeno for some home made salsa.

Plan your Spring garden

The Houston Chronicle has a wonderful section on their website dedicated to gardening in the greater Houston area. Please check their articles for tips and advice on the right time to plant, vegetables that are most successful in our region and also advice about how to deal with the little critters that also like fresh vegetables.

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