First Summer Nights at the Harbor Concert Features ‘50s Music

The music at the first of four Keller Williams Summer Nights at the Harbor concerts was a flashback to the ‘50s. Wayne King entertained the crowd last Thursday at Kings Harbor with songs by Roy Orbison, Frank Sinatra and assorted ’50s “Doo-Wop” artists.

Fed Expected to Stop Mortgage Subsidy: Real Estate Experts Urge Consumers to Buy Now

Next Wednesday (3/31) is a monumental day for the mortgage industry. It is the day that the Federal Reserve has said it will stop buying mortgage-backed securities in an effort to keep mortgage rates low and bolster the housing market. The expected outcome of this move is an increase in interest rates which have been hovering around 5 percent this week for a 30 year fixed rate loan.

Keller Williams Concert Highlights Spring Break

It was evident by last Friday night’s Keller Williams Concert at Kings Harbor that not everyone leaves town for Spring Break. In fact, there were several hundred people who thought that an evening with friends and neighbors down by the water in Kingwood was the perfect way to spend their break.

The featured entertainers, the 5th Avenue Band Trio, ended up being a quartet with the last minute addition of Steve Pickels from Katy on vocals. He was accompanied by Kingwood residents Terrell Tipton on bass guitar and Bill Phillips on acoustic guitar along with Chris Benton on keyboards. The group sat on bar stools and performed in the center of the Harbor Plaza close to the crowd, giving the concert a more intimate, coffee shop vibe.

April Showers Bring Appliance Rebates

If you are thinking of buying a new appliance, you may want to wait until April. That’s when Texans will be eligible for $23 million in federal rebates on purchases of energy-efficient appliances.

The rebates are part of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the same government stimulus program that instituted Cash for Clunkers, which offered rebates for trading in old cars.

Keller Williams Family Reunion Highlights

Keller Williams Realty Northeast (KWNE) management and agents returned to the office last week after attending the Family Reunion in New Orleans from Feb. 20-24. The annual Keller Williams national convention is a chance for the company’s associates to renew, energize and celebrate accomplishments from the past year.

Senior Team Leader Lisa Dempsey had the chance to meet the renowned real estate visionary Stefan Swanepoel, who was a featured presenter at Family Reunion. Since 1987, Swanepoel has been an independent researcher for National Real Estate Data. He is best known in the industry for the annual Swanepoel Trends Report. He has written several books, including his newest: Social Media Report 2010.