Spruce Up Your Home to Sell this Spring – Keller Williams Agents Offer Tips

Spring is expected to come early this year for the real estate market. Experts are predicting that home sales will start to take off during February due to fast-approaching deadlines for home buyer tax credits.

For home sellers, that means it is time to get busy sprucing up your house to put it on the market. The first tip is to contact a Keller Williams Realty Northeast agent. They have a wealth of ideas on how to get the best selling price for your home without incurring a lot of expenses.

Keller Williams’ agents agree that the best place to start is the exterior of your home. If buyers don’t like what they see from the outside, they may never venture inside your home.

Susan Smith’s favorite tip is to clean off the mold from the outside of your home. There are companies who can wash the roof – removing dark streaks and green mold – and clean the brick and siding too. She says hire a roofer to make any repairs needed so that even an older roof of 10 to 15 years is not a selling liability.

Another simple way to create curb appeal is to do some landscaping. Jan Jackson suggests homeowners begin by pruning large shrubs and trimming trees so that the house is more visible from the street. Tina Martin adds that sellers should clean out their flower beds and add some fresh mulch.

The entrance to the house is also a place for first impressions. Kathy Ward advises seller to re-stain, clean or refinish their front door; power wash the entryway; and put out a new welcome mat.

As for the inside, real estate agents agree that paint is the best and least expensive way to both update and refresh a home. “Realtors know what is pleasing to the majority of buyers and what the latest trends are in colors,” says Barb Moody. “Fresh paint really does help the home to sell if done correctly.” Doug Presser tells homeowners: “Conservative neutral colors are the best; odd colors can seem to chop up a home instead of making it open and airy.”

Old fashioned spring cleaning is not to be overlooked. Martin recommends that homeowners “clean the things we don’t take the time to clean, but those which potential buyers will notice like baseboards, ceiling fans and stairs.” Presser’s advice is to reduce the clutter around your home: “Clutter can make it appear smaller.”

For a list with these tips and more, click here for a recent article by U.S. News titled: “10 Cheap Ways to Boost Your Sales Price by Spring.” Happy selling!

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