September Houston Home Maintenance

Caulking Protects You HomeTaking care of seasonal Houston home maintenance is a great way to extend the life of certain elements of your home and head off larger maintenance problems later. Keller Williams Northeast Realty wants to help you protect your home investment.

August means hot days and school days. Remember to stay safe and keep hydrated during these hot months.

Indoor Houston Home Maintenance:

  1. Though it may not seem like it, cooler weather is just around the corner! Check your air intake filters and change them out if needed. This will help out your energy bills as your A/C and / or furnace do not have to work as hard to pull the air into the system.
  2. Check the seals on your doors and windows. Any gaps? Take the necessary measure to fill in those gaps to save money on your energy bill this winter.
  3. When’s the last time you inspected your attic? Now’s the time to check your insulation and make sure none of our area squirrels have found a way into your home, preparing for winter.

Outdoor Houston Home Maintenance:

  1. Need some more plants? September / October are the perfect times to divide and move your plants, cleaning up your garden and preparing for a well-organized flower bed next spring.
  2. Ever aerated your lawn? Fall is a great time to aerate, which allows moisture and nutrients to reach the roots. After you have aerated, fertilize, then spread grass seed.
  3. Arm yourself with outdoor caulk and inspect all areas of the outside of your house. Attack any holes, gaps, or cracks with you caulk and prevent a high energy bill and / or unwanted guests from joining you this winter.