Oldies Group Shake Rattle & Roll to Entertain at Keller Williams Concert

Nationally-recognized ‘50s and ‘60s musical group Shake Rattle & Roll is known for making its audiences stop, drop and roll with laughter as they return to a time of innocence with their beautiful harmony, choreography, comedy and hula hooping skills. The all-female quartet from East Texas will perform at the free Keller Williams Concert at Kings Harbor on Friday, Nov. 19 from 7-10 p.m.

Shake Rattle & Roll in Kings Harbor Free Concert

Shake Rattle & Roll’s mix of toe-tapping Rock ‘n’ Roll and comedy appeals to all ages. The group won the largest Doo Wop contest ever held in Las Vegas, securing a recording contract with Memory Lane Music West. Their renditions of “Silhouettes on the Shade” and “In the Still of the Night” have aired throughout the country on XM satellite radio.

Shake Rattle & Roll in Kings Harbor Free Concert

Shake Rattle & Roll is also recognized for their signature white limousine which transports them to their concert gigs. The four singers are: Tavie Spivey, LeAnn Bemis, Brenda Spencer and Kathy Sutton. Spivey, the show’s founder and former Army recruiter, reveals her patriotism when she puts her heart and soul into “God Bless the USA.” Bemis is her sister, who steals the show by hula hooping to the “Twist.” Spencer is the comedian in the group, making music with the fiddle, spoons, kazoo, nose flute and washboard. Sutton’s background includes touring with her own gospel group, The Comforters, and singing with well-known artists such as The Kingsmen and The Cathedrals. 

Shake Rattle & Roll in Kings Harbor Free Concert

The concert’s charity guests will be Kingwood Ladies Lacrosse, Kingwood Youth Lacrosse and the Kingwood Lacrosse Club. Starting at 6:30 p.m., the organizations will be selling Food To-Go Tickets for the Kings Harbor restaurants, including new kids menu items. Concert-goers can bring their lawn chairs and eat outside while they watch the entertainment. 

Kings Harbor is located at 1660 West Lake Houston Parkway in Kingwood. Keller Williams Concerts are held the third Friday of the month at the Harbor Plaza. For more information, visit: www.clickKWne.com  or www.kings-harbor.com.

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