Northeast Houston Home Maintenance

Taking care of seasonal Houston home maintenance is a great way to extend the life of certain elements of your home and head off larger maintenance problems later. Keller Williams Realty Northeast wants to help you protect your home investment.

Indoor Houston Home Maintenance:

  1. Take the time to test any GFCI outlets. Plug in an electronic device or lamp, press the test button, then the reset button. Make sure the device or lamp turns off, then on again.
  2. It’s spring forward time and that means it’s time to change out the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors!
  3. This is a great time to go through your home and free yourself of clutter. Evaluate clothes older than two years, toys kids have outgrown, old books, old medicines, etc, and decide if they can be and / or need to be parted with. Getting rid of the clutter is a great way to make your home feel fresh this spring.

Outdoor Houston Home Maintenance:

  1. Do a spot check of your screens. Any holes? Replace and repair as needed to get ready for those perfect spring days!
  2. Check your foundation. For brick construction, at least 6 inches should be visible. For wood construction, 8 inches. Is the ground sloping away or toward the foundation? Ground should slope away to carry water away from the house.
  3. With all the end of winter / beginning of spring rain we’ve had in Houston, make sure your gutters are clean and clear so they can do their job!