KW Thriller Dancers Appear on YouTube

Just when they thought it was safe to go back to their real estate jobs, the KW Thriller Dancers are now on YouTube. Someone secretly recorded the daylight performance of the KW Thriller Dancers at the Keller Williams Concert at Kings Harbor on April 16. 


A group of nine Keller Williams Realty Northeast associates under the direction of Fred Astaire Dance Studio transformed into zombies to dance a tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. They performed twice, once before the sun went down, and a second time under the light of the moon which really brought the zombies to life. The performers were: Michael Clapp, Bob and Terri Blewett, Sandy Beatte, Sandy Swensen, Denise Hernandez; Carol Alford, Suzanna Cheek, and Tina Leigh.


Each dancer wore a ragged shirt with the words “Thrilled with KW” on the back. After they saw the huge crowd that turned out to hear Elvis that night, you can bet they were anything but thrilled to strut their stuff in front of just about everyone in town. The experience couldn’t have been that embarrassing, however, because they have agreed to another gig already.

“It was so much fun and what a crowd!” said Keller Williams Agent Terri Blewett, who organized the dancers. “We either weren’t as bad as we thought or we were very entertaining, because Fred Astaire has asked us to perform at their party on Friday night.”

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