Keller Williams Time Crunch Tips

Time Crunch TipsKeller Williams agents know how hard it can be to keep your home clean and show-worthy when you’ve got a house full of kids or work out of the home or are just too busy living life to worry about how spic and span your house is. We’ve come up with a few time crunch tips that can help you out whether you’ve got a spur of the moment house showing, a friend dropping by, or only five minutes to spare.

Keller Williams Time Crunch Tips:

1. Here in Houston, we have hard water. To get the hard water grime off your shower heads and faucets, rubberband a sandwhich bag full of vinegar around the fixture and leave it on overnight. No mess, no harsh chemicals, no frustration!

2. Use empty bins and containers to organize quickly and hide unwanted clutter. Make sure the bins and containers can fit easily into a closet or cabinet. When you get that phone call saying you’ve only got a few minutes to get ready, you no longer have to think about where everything goes. Just throw it in the bin and shove it in a closet or cabinet! If you have children at home, you can even assign bins to each child, making them responsible for filling their own bins and tucking away before guests show up.

3. When you grab the mail, make it a habit to immediately go through it and throw away all junk and unwanted mail. This will help keep the mail pile from becoming intimidating by the end of the week!

Like our tips? Let us know which ones worked best for you!

Check back in April for more Time Crunch Tips.