Keller Williams Northeast Time Crunch Tips

Toddler with BroomKeller Williams agents know how hard it can be to keep your home clean and show-worthy when you’ve got a house full of kids or work out of the home or are just too busy living life to worry about how spic and span your house is. We’ve come up with a few time crunch tips that can help you out whether you’ve got a spur of the moment house showing, a friend dropping by, or only five minutes to spare.

Keller Williams Time Crunch Tips:

1. Quick! You’ve got a showing in twenty minutes and the house is a mess. What do you do? Well, this time around, you’ll probably need to throw everything into drawers and cabinets and hope the buyers aren’t too investigative. How do you avoid this in the future? Invest in some bins that fit inside your cabinets. Use them as catch alls for that area. Now, even though you’ve only got twenty minutes, or less, to get the house ready, your counter tops and your cabinet-insides will look organized and clean. Plus, they’re great to use when packing after you sold your house!

2. Invest in a new member of the family. A vacuum cleaning, floor cleaning robot family member. Sound a little like the Jetsons? Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more common, and changing cleaning-house lives. Simply schedule it to go off at certain times of the day, and you’ll have constantly clean floors, literally at the push of a button.

3. Learn to delegate and get so much more done. Toddlers can clean low windowsills for you if you make a game out of it. The kid next door would love to weed your flowerbeds for a nominal fee. Spend your time where you are most effective and delegate the rest!

Do you have any great time saving ideas? Send them in and we’ll feature your tips in our next Time Crunch Tips blog post!

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