Keller Williams Northeast Time Crunch Tips

Supermarket Sweep: Savvy grocery shopping strategies for a faster checkout.Keller Williams agents know how hard it can be to keep your home clean and show-worthy when you’ve got a house full of kids or work out of the home or are just too busy living life to worry about how spic and span your house is. We’ve come up with a few time crunch tips that can help you out whether you’ve got a spur of the moment house showing, a friend dropping by, or only five minutes to spare.

Keller Williams Time Crunch Tips:

1. Shopping at the grocery store is probably not the thing you look forward to all week long. To make the process less painful, less time-consuming, and easier on your budget, spend a some time creating a menu and shopping list before you go to the store. Set aside a half hour each week and you’ll save hours at the grocery store and come home with what you need and not with the double fudge chocolate chunk cookies because you were starving when you went.

2. Another benefit to menu planning is cooking once for multiple meals. Grilling chicken? Cut your weekly cooking time in half and grill double the amount. Refrigerate what you don’t need for a salad later in the week. Chopping vegetables? Chop up double for healthy snacks, making a breakfast omelet, or steaming for a later in the week. Like steamed rice? Make twice what you need and you’ll have a side dish ready for another meal.

3. Hosting a play date or a party for your kids? Scoop ice cream into muffin tins ahead of time so when the kids start screaming, you can say Ice Cream!

Do you have any great time saving ideas? Send them in and we’ll feature your tips in our next Time Crunch Tips blog post!

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