Keller Williams Northeast Announces 2009 Award Winners

Keller Williams Realty Northeast announced its 2009 top producers and award winners at an inspirational brunch and awards ceremony held at Raffa’s Restaurant on Jan. 27. Lisa Dempsey, Keller Williams Northeast senior team leader, emceed the event themed: “Time to Soar.”

Before presenting the awards, Dempsey introduced motivational speaker and author Pete Hinojosa who spoke about “connecting with influence.” Hinojosa challenged the Keller Williams agents to evaluate how they connect with other people on a daily basis. “Think about whether you are reacting or responding to another person’s behavior,” he said. “It will make a difference in how you provide customer service.”

For instance, when someone has an accusatory message, don’t immediately get defensive. “When people treat you badly, they usually don’t do things intentionally against you,” he noted. “They normally do things FOR themselves.”

In other words, don’t look for a hidden agenda behind peoples’ behavior. They most likely are acting the way they do simply to meet their own needs – according to their strongest comfort zone or tendency.

“We all want to feel safe, secure and important, those are basic needs,” said Hinojosa. “The key to remember is that each of us is going to meet our needs in the way we feels most comfortable, and not to hurt others.”

He recommends to focus on where the results are coming from, and that will help you decide what to do next. “Once the fruit is on the tree, there is no sense trying to change it, especially if it’s not what you wanted,” he added. “Look deeper into the roots, that’s where the changes matter most.”

“It’s your choice in 2010 to strip off your mental files that are holding you back and soar like an eagle,” Hinojosa said in closing.

Lisa Dempsey then began the awards presentation. “This is a celebration of the things you’ve accomplished and our sharing that together,” she told the agents.

She first presented the Top Producer Awards for highest gross commission income (GCI) on closed sales and closed units sold for individual agents, teams and groups.

Individuals GCI: 1. Diana Coleman 2. Tracy Montgomery 3. Cliff Collins 4. Karen Cox 5. Diana Coleman 6. Mark Cash 7. Debra Osburn Camino 8. Donna Wilson 9. Linda Coburn 10. Anne Johnson

Individuals Units: 1. Diana Coleman 2. Tracy Montgomery 3.Karen Cox 4. Beverly Taylor 5. Cliff Collins 6. Debra Osburn Camino 7. Donna Wilson 8. Kimberly Kirsch 9. Linda Coburn 10. Diana Hadley

Teams GCI: 1. Fahrmeier Team 2. Bayou City Brokers 3. Duhon Team

Teams Units: 1. Bayou City Brokers 2. Fahrmeier Team 3. M & J Team

Group GCI: 1. Jan Jackson & Associates 2. Your Texas Connection

Group Units: 1. Your Texas Connection 2. Jan Jackson & Associates

The next awards category recognized the agents obtaining the highest amount of listings in dollar volume and in number of units.

Individuals Listing Volume: 1. Tracy Montgomery 2. Diana Coleman 3. Joyce Quinn Nichols 4. Cliff Collins 5. Karen Cox 6. Beverly Taylor 7. Suzanna Cheek 8. Kimberly Terral 9. Barbara Moody 10. Susan Molz

Individuals Units Listed: 1. Tracy Montgomery 2. Diana Coleman 3. Beverly Taylor 4. Karen Cox 5. Kimberly Terral 6. Amanda Seidel 7. Suzanna Cheek 8. Cliff Collins 9. Joyce Quinn Nichols 10. Susan Molz

Team Listing Volume: 1. Bayou City Brokers 2. Fahrmeier Team 3. Duhon Team

Team Units Listed: 1. Bayou City Brokers 2. Fahrmeier Team 3. Duhon Team

Group Listing Volume: 1. Jan Jackson & Associates 2. Your Texas Connection

Group Units Listed: 1. Jan Jackson & Associates 2. Your Texas Connection

Special achievement awards were then handed out for recruitment, first year results and career accomplishments. Five agents received the Growth Partner Award for their recruitment efforts: Donna Wilson, Karen Fahrmeier, Karen Cox, Letitia Whipple and Tracy Montgomery. Jeanette Cantu was named 2009 Rookie of the Year with Diana Hadley taking runner-up honors. Four agents were inducted into the Keller Williams Hall of Fame: Karen Fahrmeier, Tracy Montgomery, Diana Coleman and Celeste Creager.

The last award to be presented was one of the most prestigious of the Keller Williams Northeast annual awards because the recipient is nominated and chosen by a vote his or her peers. Linda Coburn received the Albert Hopkins Award given to the agent who lives the values of the Keller Williams culture day in and day out. She was genuinely surprised saying: “I can’t believe I got an award for being nice to people.”


Albert Hopkins Award winner Linda Coburn (right) is congratulated by Lisa Dempsey, senior team leader.


Keller Williams Northeast 2009 Rookie of the Year Jeanette Cantu (left)

poses with Team Leader Buddy Wall and Rookie of the Year runner-up Diana Hadley.

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