July Houston Home Maintenance

Taking care of Northeast Houston home maintenance is a great way to extend the life of certain elements of your home and head off larger maintenance problems later. Keller Williams Northeast Realty wants to help you protect your home investment.

Read below for some Houston home maintenance tips to keep your home and your budget feeling new.

Indoor Home Maintenance

  1. Drain your water heater to prevent sediment buildup – especially important in our area with its hard water! Check out this blog for step-by-step instructions.
  2. Staying inside and cleaning your kitchen appliances inside and out (including your refrigerator coils!) is a great chore to do that’s out of the heat and in the A/C.
  3. Do you drains need cleaning? Try this trick. Add a half-cup of baking soda followed by a half-cup of white vinegar. After 10 minutes, flush with boiling water. Voila! Clean drains.

Outdoor Home Maintenance

  1. Clean out the garage, or man cave, or workshop, or extra storage room – whatever you call your garage, its time to clean it out and organize before the end of the year holidays are upon us. Doing this now keeps you from going on a wild goose chase for that string of lights you bought in last years end-of-the-season clearance.
  2. How’s that fence? Does it need a good power wash? Replace some screws? Any rotten boards or peeling paint? Take a good look at your fence and make repairs to lengthen its lifespan.
  3. Check out your flowerbeds. Did any flowers not survive the heat? Trim back or remove dead flowers and replace with more season-appropriate plants!