Jason Consolacion – Keller Williams Concert at Kings Harbor

Jason Consolacion Entertains Large Crowd at Keller Williams Concert at Kings Harbor

Jason Consolacion was so excited to be back in Kingwood last Friday night to entertain his hometown crowd that he started the Keller Williams concert a little early and stayed well beyond the scheduled 10 p.m. ending time. His parents, Ace and Lita Consolacion who own Kingwood Music School, were supporting their talented son from the front row at the Kings Harbor Plaza surrounded by friends and family.

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Jason kicked off the free concert with a solo acoustic guitar session, singing some of his original songs. From the first song “Light of Day” off his recent CD “November Sessions,” he mesmerized the audience with his soothing melodies and fabulous poetry set to music.

His sister Lisa Vidas was the first to join him on stage. She belted out “Border Line” accompanied by her brother on the guitar. She poked fun at Jason saying, “I’m not as cool as my brother, so I’m singing covers. The last one was by Madonna!”

Covers or not, Lisa’s sweet voice rang true in the cool night air at the Harbor. When she hit the high notes in “Valerie,” the audience took notice and applauded while she continued singing.

Jason then added Matt Foster on guitar and introduced his long-time friend Zach Foley, another Kingwood native. Zach joined Jason and Lisa to perform some incredible three-part harmony singing about how the Earth is round.

They were finally joined by the rest of the Citizens for Boysenberry Jam Band: bassist Chris Houghton and drummer Richard Cholakian. Jason introduced the next two songs, “April” and “February,” saying that he wrote them in a key too high for his own voice. “He lets me sing them, since I can sing anything,” teased Lisa, who performed the songs in perfect pitch.

As Lisa headed to the family seats, Jason explained that he has been best friends with Jake since they attended Kingwood Middle School. Now that they are both residing in New York City, they have formed an act called Fakin’ It named after the Simon & Garfunkel hit.

The tribute to the great American pop/folk duo started appropriately with “Homeward Bound.” Jake and Jason performed tight, two-part harmony with smiles on their faces – emphasizing that they truly were happy to be home.

The audience figured out the origin of the band’s name with the next song: “Punky’s Dilemma.” The lyrics included a mention of “citizens for boysenberry jam.” Ironically, the jam band did not accompany the duo on the song depicting breakfast choices, but Jake produced some awesome whistling to finish off the tune.

The Fakin’ It pair had fun bantering about each other, as boyhood friends will do, and singing “At the Zoo.” They dedicated the song “More than Words” to John Marshall, their former choir director at KMS who was in attendance. During the song, Jake broke off from harmonizing with his buddy to skillfully hit the falsetto notes.

As the band took a break, Keller Williams Master of Ceremonies Bob Blewett came to the stage to thank the Agents at Keller Williams Realty Northeast, Texan GMC and the Kings Harbor tenants for their sponsorship of the free concert. He then introduced the guest charity: The Kingwood Women’s Club. Bobbie Wells from the organization spoke about the 16th annual Holiday Marketplace taking place at the Humble Civic Center on Oct. 22-23. The shopping event raises money for local philanthropies including The Mission – the concert’s other guest charity. Bob encouraged the audience to buy raffle tickets to benefit The Mission.

In the second set, Jason and Jake came back on stage to perform another Simon & Garfunkel favorite: “Frank Lloyd Wright.”

The duo continued with a tribute to Peter Nobbs, a “friend who grew up around here in the ’80s” and wrote “Songs of the Waking One.” The medley of tunes included the introspective “This is my Life, Love” and “People with Severe Psychological Issues.”

Jason called the band back on stage, saying “Come on Citizens.” A funny highlight of the set was when two boys in full football gear started dancing to the music. “It’s nice to see the choir kids and football players getting along,” quipped Jason, referring to the scene reminiscent of the TV show “Glee.”

At the second break, Pam Dickson from The Mission was welcomed on stage for the final raffle drawings. She thanked the crowd for their donations which will be used to buy fresh produce, eggs, and holiday food items for Thanksgiving dinners for local families in need.

The band chose a Beatles tune “Getting Better” to start the final set. That song got the kids on stage, but the adults seemed content to watch and appreciate the mellow harmony of the musicians. Everyone had fun singing along to the refrains of the JC original “Mary” and The Beatles’ “Obladi, Oblada.”

Jason honored a special request from the audience with another Paul Simon classic, the emotional and patriotic “America.” He then chose to close the performance with a funky and fun take on “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” a song that appears on both his “Streaming the Mains” and the “November Sessions” albums released this year. The catchy song was on everyone’s lips as they left Kings Harbor with memories of a great evening with their neighbors and friends.

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