January Houston Home Maintenance

Taking care of seasonal Houston home maintenance is a great way to extend the life of certain elements of your home and head off larger maintenance problems later. Keller Williams Realty Northeast wants to help you protect your home investment.

Indoor Houston Home Maintenance:

  1. January is a great time to inventory your home and get organized for the year. This helps you, too, when having to file a large claim on your home, or to know what you need to add to your home owner’s insurance policy.
  2. Deep clean your dryer vents. Lint can build up in the lines and even a small spark in your dryer can start a fire.
  3. Take advantage of the cooler temperatures and clean out your attic. This is a great time to gather a pile of items for donation and start the year off de-cluttered and organized.

Outdoor Houston Home Maintenance:

  1. January is the prime time in Houston, Texas to prune brushes and trim trees. Doing so now, while trees and plants are dormant, gives you fuller and healthier plants come spring.
  2. Time to clean out those gutters. With as many pine needles as we have in the area, they are sure to get clogged by this time of year. Cleaning out your gutters now helps to prevent rot later.
  3. Did any of your plants get freeze-damage this winter? Late January is the time to prune the damage to help the plant gain health this spring.