The Doug Erdy Team including Keller Williams Realty Northeast Agents

The Doug Erdy Team, including Keller Williams Realty Northeast Agent Jerome Finn (on right), was stationed outside the Wal-Mart in Porter for six hours to collect toys for the Salvation Army.



The Doug Erdy Team from Keller Williams Realty Northeast recently completed its annual Salvation Army Angel Tree Toy Drive. The team of Dwynette Meadows, Jerome Finn, Nelda Cedeno and Erdy collected more than 200 toys.

Although Doug’s toy drive is done, the agents at Keller Williams Northeast are still collecting toys for the Humble Area Assistance Ministries (HAAM) Empty Stocking Toy Drive. Toys may be dropped off at the Keller Williams office at 20665 W. Lake Houston Parkway in Kingwood through December 22nd.

“HAAM has told us that there are always last minute needs for toys in our community; so we plan to continue collecting toys until soon up to Christmas,” said Keller Williams Northeast Senior Team Leader Lisa Dempsey.


The Kingwood Civic Club, in conjunction with the Kingwood community associations, has announced the winners of the 2010 Christmas Yard Decorating Contest that was held December 10. The judges are moms and dads, children and grandparents from every part of the community, who volunteer their time to tour the Christmas lights at the residences in Kingwood.

“The one thing we hear over and over again from the judges is: ‘we can’t wait until next year to do this again. We thank them for their spirit of volunteerism and their dedication to our community,'” said Sandy Lee of the Kingwood Civic Club.

Before Christmas, be sure to put the kids in the car, turn on some holiday music ( and go check out the winning lights for yourself. The 2010 winners are:


Best Traditional-1323 Castle Combe Way
Best Religious-1311 Castle Combe Way
Best Lights-1307 Castle Combe Way
Santa’s Favorite-1211 Eversham Way
Best Doorway-1207 Eversham Way
Best Block Spirit-1200 Eversham Way

Bear Branch Village:

Best Traditional-3514 Village Oaks
Best Religious-2507 Riverlawn
Best Lights-3502 Valley Haven Drive
Santa’s Favorite-2618 Riverlawn
Best Doorway-3306 Village Oaks
Best Block Spirit-2400 Block Village Oaks

Deer Cove:

Best Traditional-2235 Deer Cove
Best Lights-2219 Deer Cove
Santa’s Favorite-2282 Deer Cove
Best Doorway-2271 Deer Cove

Elm Grove Village:

Best Traditional-5434 Fern Park
Best Religious-3522 Grove Oaks Drive
Best Lights-2907 Clear Ridge
Santa’s Favorite-2918 Clear Ridge
Best Doorway-Sycamore Springs Apts #116
Best Block Spirit-2900 Clear Ridge Drive

Fosters Mill Village:

Best Traditional-2106 Golden Pond
Best Religious-4711 Breezy Pond
Best Lights-2302 Glenburn Drive
Santa’s Favorite-2118 Forest Garden
Best Doorway-2202 Long Valley
Best Block Spirit-River Hill

Greentree Village:

Best Traditional-5619 Lofty Magnolia Court
Best Religious-3923 Laurel Rock
Best Lights-4702 Riverside Oaks
Santa’s Favorite-3503 Hill Springs Drive
Best Doorway-3903 Hill Springs Drive
Best Block Spirit-4000 Windy Woods

Hunters Ridge Village:

Best Traditional-3227 Silver Falls
Best Religious-4142 Valley Haven
Best Lights-3218 Brook Green
Santa’s Favorite-3211 River Valley
Best Doorway-4011 Oak Garden

Kings Crossing:

Best Traditional-4203 Forest Holly
Best Religious-3314 Redwood Lake Drive
Best Lights-4314 Misty Timbers
Santa’s Favorite-3309 Golden Trails #401
Best Doorway-3626 Cape Forest Drive
Best Block Spirit Corner of Bellington Ct @ Vandermere

Kings Forest:

Best Traditional-2906 Valley Manor
Best Religious-3019 Forest Laurel
Best Lights-2610 Valley Manor
Santa’s Favorite-2415 Kings Forest Drive
Best Doorway-2414 Twin Grove

Kings Point #1/The Reserve:

Best Traditional-6007 Country Falls Lane
Best Religious-1703 Bronze Sunset Court
Best Lights-2706 Stately Oak St.
Santa’s Favorite-2403 Mountain Lake Drive
Best Doorway-2011 Mountain Aspen Lane
Best Block Spirit-Harvest Creek Court

Kings Point #2/Royal Shores:

Best Traditional-1622 Lake Wilderness
Best Religious-1330 Sheltering Oaks
Best Lights-6003 Greystone Bluffs
Santa’s Favorite-5707 Woodland Brook
Best Doorway-2122 Riverglen Forest
Best Block Spirit Scenic Mountain Court

Kings River #1:

Best Traditional-19815 Sage Tree Trail
Best Religious-7710 Kings River Circle
Best Lights-7303 Texas Laurel Loop
Santa’s Favorite-19811 Sage Tree Trail
Best Doorway-19203 Clear Sky
Best Block Spirit-Wild Rye Trail

Kings River #2:

Best Traditional-20615 Delta Wood
Best Religious-20830 Lake Park Trail
Best Lights-20911 Greenfield Trail
Santa’s Favorite-20818 Kings Clover
Best Doorway-6322 Water Point Court
Best Block Spirit-20600 Block Delta Wood Trail

Kingwood Glen:

Best Traditional-20331 Arbolada Green Court
Best Religious-5811 Forest Timbers Drive
Best Lights-19103 Kelly Oaks Court
Santa’s Favorite-20211 Entrada Court
Best Doorway-19110 Kelly Oaks Court
Best Block Spirit-Kelly Oaks Court

Kingwood Greens:

Best Traditional-7 Links
Best Religious-29 Club Oak Court
Best Lights-7 New Greens Court
Santa’s Favorite-2 New Greens Court
Best Doorway-26 New Greens Court
Best Block Spirit-Links Court

Kingwood Lakes:

Best Traditional-2522 Pine Bend
Best Religious-3606 Ash Park
Best Lights-2318 Pine Bend
Santa’s Favorite-3610 Ash Park
Best Doorway-2511 Lake Gardens Court
Best Block Spirit-3600 Ash Park

Kingwood Place:

Best Traditional-1819 Ridgeway Trail
Best Religious-2018 Blossom Creek
Best Lights-2219 Blossom Creek Court
Santa’s Favorite-1711 Sandy Trail Court
Best Doorway-2010 Ridgeway Park
Best Block Spirit-Blossom Creek Court

Mills Branch Village:

Best Traditional-4830 Echo Falls
Best Religious-4007 Appalachain
Best Lights-4319 Echo Mountain
Santa’s Favorite-5411 Magnolia Falls
Best Doorway-4302 Echo Falls

North Kingwood Forest:

Best Traditional-5715 My Way
Best Religious-3222 Same Way
Best Lights-5702 My Way
Santa’s Favorite-3222 Same Way
Best Doorway-5606 Straight Way
Best Block Spirit-5700 Blk My Way

North Woodland Hills Village:

Best Traditional-2086 Little Cedar
Best Religious-2106 Covewood
Best Lights-2031 Little Cedar
Santa’s Favorite-2190 Tree Lane
Best Doorway-2042 Aspen Glade Drive
Best Block Spirit-2200 Poplar Park


Best Traditional-20676 Casselberry Drive
Best Religious-20132 Bitter Root
Best Lights-25641 Peppermill Creek
Santa’s Favorite-20939 Sweetwood Circle
Best Doorway-25620 Tiverton Forest Court


Best Traditional-2311 Timberbrook
Best Religious-6222 Riverchase Trail
Best Lights-2323 Crimson Valley
Santa’s Favorite-2526 Splintwood
Best Doorway-2326 Crimson Valley Court
Best Block Spirit-Primwater Court

Sand Creek Village:

Best Traditional-2903 Forest Garden
Best Religious-3211 Ridge Green
Best Lights-5323 Blue Creek
Santa’s Favorite-5214 Blue Creek
Best Doorway-2707 Highland Fern Court
Best Block Spirit-5200 & 5300 Blk Manor Glen

Sherwood Trails Village:

Best Traditional-2327 Sherwood Hollow Lane
Best Religious-2222 Friarwood Trail
Best Lights-2203 Friarwood Trail
Santa’s Favorite-2403 Sherwood Hollow Lane
Best Doorway-4218 Hermitage Hollow
Best Block Spirit-2600 Meandering Trail

South Woodland Hills Village:

Best Traditional-2111 Wilderness Point Drive
Best Religious-3233 Rolling Meadow Drive
Best Lights-3503 Evergreen Glade
Santa’s Favorite-2019 Pine River Drive
Best Doorway-1826 Shadow Rock
Best Block Spirit-3400-3600 Evergreen Glade

Trailwood Village:

Best Traditional-1906 Lazy Grove
Best Religious-1903 Grove Lake
Best Lights-1954 River Falls
Santa’s Favorite-2115 Woodland Valley
Best Doorway-1916 Twin Springs Drive
Best Block Spirit-2200 Tangle Lake Drive

Woodspring Forest:

Best Traditional-4714 Foster Hill Court
Best Religious-4701 Foster Hill Court
Best Lights-4731 Pin Oak
Santa’s Favorite-2704 Crighton Court
Best Doorway-2897 Woodspring Acres

Woodstream Village:

Best Traditional-4918 Berry Knoll
Best Religious-3210 Heartwood Oak
Best Lights-4603 Redwood Grove
Santa’s Favorite-5007 Hickory Green Court
Best Doorway-4907 Fox Grass
Best Block Spirit-Heather Lake Court


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