December Houston Home Maintenance

Taking care of seasonal Houston home maintenance is a great way to extend the life of certain elements of your home and head off larger maintenance problems later. Keller Williams Northeast Realty wants to help you protect your home investment.

November means the holidays are here!

Indoor Houston Home Maintenance:

  1. It’s time to replace that air filter! Recommendations are to replace every 1-3 months to keep your air pure. With all the extra guests in your home this holiday season, it’s especially important to stay on top of this easy home maintenance item!
  2. December is a great time in Houston to check your attic insulation. A good option to replace that old batting insulation is spray on – its no mess, no fuss, and highly effective!
  3. While in the attic, don’t forget to insulate the drop down attic stairs! Install weather stripping around the opening into your attic and caulk any additional cracks or openings. An easy job that can help keep your home sealed tight against the winter cold or summer heat!

Outdoor Houston Home Maintenance:

  1. Don’t forget to drain your garden hoses before winter weather arrives! A frozen hose is no fun and will likely need to be replaced once springtime hits. Avoid that hit on your budget and drain your garden hoses today!
  2. While outside, go ahead and winterize your outdoor water spigots. Drain the spigot then insulate with a foam cover to prevent busted pipes this winter should temperatures drop below freezing in Houston.
  3. Have you hung your Christmas lights yet? If you hang lights every year, consider installing permanent hangers so you don’t have to reinstall each year. While not in use, you won’t notice them, but when you get ready to decorate next year, you’ll appreciate the easy decorating process!